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An all around community for the third Yu-Gi-Oh series Yu-Gi-Oh: 5D's
The art of duel monsters has been part of our world for several years. 3000 years ago, duel monsters was a form of battle, involving the primitive goal of life or death. Dueling was exhumed from its grave by Pegasus J. Crawford, turned into a card game to ravish the minds of people and new duelists around the world. As always, every revolution needed a leader, which held a perfect spot for the very wealthy and skilled duelist Seto Kaiba. In all his power, he did his best to make dueling a way of life and switch every person's mind on the game. He succeeded in doing so a decade later, establishing an elite dueling school known as Duel Academia. Only the greatest duelists could dare to attend classes there, and were eventually born to be in the Professional Dueling League. But now in modern day, we have reached a new level of duel monsters: taking our games to the streets, dueling upon motorbikes with hot-blooded competition. The D-Wheel, the newest in dueling technology. The arrival of Synchro monsters, new beings that are dominating the game in this era. What do we have headed for us in the future? Only time will tell while in Neo Domino City!

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